101-301 Stand Up Paddle Surfing- 2 Disc set

The Ultimate SUP set. From the Award winning Producers, Premier Hawaii, comes the action packed, How-To Stand Up Paddle series. How To Stand Up paddle Hawaiian Style Vol 1 & 2 SUP Vol 1. will take you all the way … Continued

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201-301 How To Stand Up Paddle Surf Hawaiian Style Vol. 2

The Ultimate HOW-TO Stand Up Paddle series. Premier Productions, producers of the Xtreme Life TV Show and Award Winning “HOW- TO” videos (RAVE, SPEED IQ, BOOST) join forces with C4 Waterman world leaders in Paddle Surfing, to present volume 2 … Continued

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Driftwood – Standing On A World Of Adventure

In this new approach to travel adventure films a small group of travelers depart on a series of remarkable journeys to unusual and remote locations around the world. With Stand Up Paddle boards in tow, the crew has access to … Continued

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Mastering Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Technique with Danny Ching Instructional SUP DVD

Starring Danny Ching
Learn Proper Stroke Length
Learn Proper Posture

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Stand Up Paddleboarding Instructional DVD from REAL (Surfing DVD)

Newest watersports craze!
Complete instruction from entry level to riding waves.
Complete gear set-up information.

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