7.5″ Smoke-Colored SUP Surf Fin by Futures

7.5 inches in length
Large foil

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FCS Fluid Foils Dolphin 9″ Longboard SUP Center Fin

Works as a single-fin or in a tri-fin set up
9″ in length
Narrow tip and flex

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FCS SUP GL-1 Lopez SUP Quad Set

Front Height: 5.40″ Base: 4.44″ 2D Area: 18.48″
Rear Height: 4.66″ Base: 3.99″ 2D Area: 13.63″

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Future Fins – Large Carbon Fiber Black Keel SUP Fin Stand Up Paddleboard

The Future Fins SUP Keel Fin is a low-profile fin for efficient flat-water racing and touring. Great for shallow waters and made of Carbon Fiber

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Future Fins Gerry Lopez Quad (4 fin set) GL1 SUP Stand Up Paddleboard Smoke RTM Surfboard Fins

Front Fin Dimensions: Height: 5.40″ (13.7cm) Base: 4.44″ (11.3cm) Area: 18.48″ (46.9cm)
Rear Fin Dimensions: Height: 4.66″ (11.8cm) Base: 3.99″ (10.1cm) Area: 13.63cm (5.40cm)
Aero Foil: Natural feel for a solid controlled ride. Release for high performance surfing.

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Future Fins Gerry Lopez Thruster (3 fin set) GL2 SUP Stand Up Paddleboard Smoke RTM Surfboard Fins

Height: 5.10″ Base: 4.22″ Area: 16.77″
Rear Fin Dimensions: Height: 4.34″ Base: 3.69″ Area: 12.19″

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Future Fins Larid Quad (4 fin set) SUP Stand Up Paddleboard Smoke RTM Surfboard Fins

Front Fin Dimensions: Height: 4.78″ Base: 4.63″
Rear Fin Dimensions: Height: Height: 4.42″ Base: 3.90″
Aero Foil: Natural feel for a solid controlled ride. Release for high performance surfing.

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Futures Center SUP Downwind Fin

15″ deep (deep and narrow shape)
Particularly suited for high-speed downwinding and racing
Decreases drag and increases speed

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Futures Elevon Hydrodynamic Twin Tip SUP Fins

Can be used for twin-fin or quad-fin set-up, or as flanking fins in 2 + 1 set-up
Provides for a tight turning radius
Hydrofoil design

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Futures Gerry Lopez Quad SUP Fin Set

Requires two sets of twin fins; larger set and smaller set
Assists in maintaining stability and control

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Futures Gerry Lopez Thruster SUP Fin Set

One Futures Fin
Longboard fin box base
Two fins with standard Futures Fins bases

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Futures Paddle Surf Hawaii (PSH) SUP Glass Quad Fin Set – Smoke

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Futures Weed Carbon Fiber Racing Center 10″ SUP Fin

10 inches deep
Lightweight carbon fiber longboard SUP fin
Steep angle effortlessly sheds off underwater debris

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RTDkids SUP: Stand-Up Paddle Board Surfboard 6’6″ with Five-Fin FCS Box System

100% Hand-shaped using Polyethylene Foam Cores, Exclusively Made in America plus FREE Shipping throughout the U.S.
Soft Blue Rails with a White Slick Top & Black Foam Deck Patch & Handle & a Slick Bottom for speed and flow
Modern Squash Tail with Five-Fin FCS Box System & Leash Plug

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Salty Wood Grained Longboard Center SUP Fin by Futures

10.25″ in length
Massive depth and width act as a ruddder
Slightly more drag than sleeker racing SUP fins or downwind fins, but great for an all-around SUP fin

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SUP Plastic Side Bites By Futures

2 + 1 SUP fin configuration

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Surfdogz – 4 Surfboard, Steel Peg / Wood Base Wall Rack Set

Lacquered, Natural, Poplar Base
Padded Steel Tube Pegs, Angled Up 10 Degrees
!/4″ x 3″ Hex Lag Mounting Screws

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Xscape SUP Stand Up Paddle / Long Board Carbon Fin

Carbon Middle Fin for Stand Up Paddle Board / Long Board
Lightweight Carbon Fiber
Strongest Material Possible

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