Malone 25-Inch Roof Rack Pads for Kayaks/SUPs/Surfboards (Set of 2)

25″ Roof Rack Pad extends protective surface
Secures to factory oval, square and round cross bars
High density foam padding prevents load abrasion

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Malone Auto HR20 Inflatable Roof Rack

Using two anchorpoints, this system can safely carry loads up to 50-Pounds
Includes straps, air pump, and nylon tote bag
29x6x4-Inch high

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Malone Auto Racks Deluxe SUP Two Board Deluxe Foam Kit

Easy to use kit features high capacity 24-Inch profiled foam blocks that can transport nearly any style of stand up paddle board or surfboard
Can be installed on vehicles with a bare roof, or will fit over any round, square or factory oval load bars
Includes two 22-Inch foam spacers for safely stacking two boards and all required block and load straps for a safe and secure transport

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Malone Auto Racks Maui-2 Two Board Universal Fit Saddle System

Mount these low profile saddles to your square, round or factory oval load bars
Each saddle features a flexible yet incredibly strong high grip surface that safely holds any board in place during transport
Includes two 22-Inch foam spacer blocks to place between the boards to avoid abrasion or damage

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Malone Auto Racks Stacker Blocks

Feature: SUP Spacer Block Malone single replacement blocks offer an affordable transport system for your stand up paddle board.

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Malone Roof Rack Pads for Kayaks, SUPs/Surfboards (18-Inch)

Pads provide an efficient way to transport surf boards, stand-up paddle boards, and kayaks
Built with high-grade EVA foam and protected by water-resistant nylon sleeve
Help protect a board or kayak from your vehicle?s cross bars

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